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Right motoring solicitor keeps you in driving seat

The marketplace has changed significantly for the motor law. The law firms are branching out into this niche area of law. A competitive market can have its advantages, providing more options when it comes to choosing legal representation and price point. But for a motorist who is accused of committing a driving offense, it can also make the selection of the best motoring solicitor somewhat daunting.
Here are few vital advice from Caddick Davies which a motorist most consider whilst selecting the motoring solicitor to instruct on his case;

1) The “celebrity” motoring solicitor is not the right answer
As consumers, people often get attracted to services that are favored by celebrities. But when it comes to the legal fees you could be left with a hefty bill for the equivalent service with a more competitively priced legal team. So always remember that although the motoring solicitor may publicise his celebrity clients and cases, it does not always reflect the quality and experience of the legal representation and does not assure you the best services. Instead opt for a professional service which deals with your matter very professionally and with the utmost discretion.

2) The most expensive motoring solicitor is not the necessarily the tag of the best
As consumers, we sometimes may feel that higher the price f motoring solicitor, more top the quality of the services. But in the real sense, the higher price tag doesn’t necessarily result in a higher standard of service. Legal fees can fluctuate for motoring representation. Therefore better to do the pricing homework from the outset and find the best legal representation which is affordable based on your circumstances.
At Caddick Davice, the expert team of motoring solicitors believes in having the honest and transparent relationship with their clients. We try to make our client comfortable without legal advice, polite behavior, and answering their questions anytime throughout client’s motoring case. This is advisable from us that you must give yourself enough time to contact reputable motoring solicitors in your area, obtain quotes from them, and don’t forget to speak to the team who will be handling your case.

3) Discuss legal fees
Discuss legal fees and how they have been calculated. Reputable legal solicitors and firms will openly discuss its fee structure with you and explain what is and isn’t included.
Be aware of what is covered in any quoted fixed fee. Know the full break down of potential costs from your motoring solicitor. Solicitors fees may vary depending upon the circumstances of your case like guilty plea only, interim hearings, etc.

4) Understand the prospects of your case
A good motoring solicitor provides our clients a realistic advice at the beginning itself. They provide legal expertise based on the initial information clients provide to them.

5) Sometimes you should just plead guilty
If you have pleaded guilty to a motoring offense, it doesn’t necessarily mean that now you no longer require legal help. Expert legal representation by motoring solicitor can provide a more favorable outcome for you.